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Finding Out About Financing

Utilizing Bail Bond Services? 4 Things That Could Get You In Trouble

by Colleen Porter

One of the fastest ways to get out of jail is using a bail bondsman. Your chosen agent will post the bail on your behalf and get you out of confinement. However, you will be required to show up for all your trials in court to avoid losing the collateral or cash posted to secure your freedom. Therefore, it is important to follow your agent's instructions carefully. The following are some things to avoid when using bail bonds.

1. Using the Wrong Address

After hiring a bondsman, they will require you to fill out various forms when applying for their service. Providing wrong information could cancel your bail. Therefore, you have to be careful when providing all contact and personal information. Refrain from lying, which could put all your money at the risk of being rearrested. Furthermore, if the court or the bondsman finds you dishonest, they could lose their trust in you. As a result, you might not be released from jail, and the court might deny you bail.

2. Getting Detained Again

The court frees you when you have an ongoing case because they trust you will not get in trouble with the law, and you'll be mindful of your actions. The bondsman will also examine your previous records and offenses to determine whether they'll take up your case. So, it is in your best interest to stay away from trouble. If you get detained while out on bond, the authorities might revoke your rights and you might have to stay in jail.

3. Failure to Attend Trials

The judge presiding over your case will grant you freedom on bail if you promise to show up and attend all your trials. Therefore, you must not violate the terms. One of the best ways to avoid trouble is by attending to all your trials. Your bondsman will explain the repercussions of failing to show up for court.

4. Moving Beyond Travel Limits

Your bondsman will recommend that you stick within your locality. Besides, there could be various restrictions, which limit you from traveling far from your home. The bond document will provide instructions to follow after your release. If you've been given house arrest or restricted from traveling, ensure that you follow the rules. Being a flight risk can revoke your bail terms.

You can make work easier for your loved ones, the court, and your bail bondsman by following the above rules. Protect yourself from legal issues and the risk of detention by avoiding the mistakes discussed above.