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Finding Out About Financing

3 Things to Know About Personal Loans

by Colleen Porter

Whether you want to consolidate high-interest debt, pay for home renovations, have unexpected medical bills, or need money for another kind of expense, many lending options are out there. However, for many, personal loans are the most suitable option. Personal loans are a popular form of installment loans that you pay them off in set monthly amounts. Personal loans offer the cash you need and are relatively easy for most people to obtain. If you think a personal loan is suitable for your needs, here's what you need to know. 

Where to Find Them

Finding a suitable lender is essential if you think a personal loan will work for your needs. Many financial institutions offer personal loans, making finding a suitable fit challenging. Banks, credit unions, peer-to-peer lenders, and online lenders offer personal loans. Before selecting a lender, do your research and look into their reputation before committing to a loan. Shopping around and looking at multiple lenders will also help you find the best terms on a personal loan.

Your Credit Matters

Another thing to know about personal loans is that your credit will significantly impact whether a lender will approve your application and what terms you will get for the loan. The minimum credit score a lender requires for a personal loan varies, but in most cases, you will need a minimum score of 610 to 640. There's also more to it than just your credit score. Lenders will look at your debt level, income, and financial history when setting the terms for your personal loan. In general, the better your credit, the cheaper a personal loan will be, but it's vital to look for the best terms before committing. 

What Fees May Apply

Another thing to know about personal loans is that there's more to consider than just interest rates when selecting a loan. Personal loans often come with loan origination fees. Origination fees are what a lender charges to process your application, and they can add up. Some lenders also charge prepayment penalties, meaning that you have to pay a fee if you pay your loan off early. Before committing to a personal loan, make sure you know what fees will apply.

Personal loans are an excellent borrowing option for many, but there are a few things to know before committing. First, many lenders offer personal loans, so it's in your best interest to shop around and look at your options. Second, your credit score and financial history will play a significant role in whether or not you will be able to obtain a personal loan. Finally, some fees may apply for personal loans, so read the fine print before committing. 

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