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Finding Out About Financing

What Requirements Must You Meet To Get A Signature Loan?

by Colleen Porter

If you consider all the different loan types you can get, you will find that some are easier to get than others. On the other hand, some loans might be more challenging to get. As you search through loan options, you might come across signature loans. Have you heard of these? Are you curious about the requirements you must meet to get one? Here is a list of the requirements that most lenders require for approving signature loans.

Your Signature

As the name suggests, a signature loan requires your signature. When you sign your name, you agree to repay the loan as the terms state. Your signature is a requirement for all signature loans, no matter what lender you choose. The good news is that the lender will not ask you to supply any collateral for the loan. They issue the loan based on your signature, which obligates you to repay the money you borrow.

A Good Credit Score

When lenders issue unsecured loans, it means that they do not require collateral. A secured loan, on the other hand, requires collateral. When lenders receive collateral when issuing loans, they have less risk. As a result, an unsecured loan presents a higher risk to the lender. Therefore, lenders that offer signature loans often require good credit scores. Most lenders set credit score criteria in place. If a person applies for a signature loan, they must have a credit score that meets or exceeds the criteria they use for these loans.

Proof of Income

Next, the lender will ask you to prove that you have income. Why would a lender want this type of proof? The main reason is for the lender to see that the person has a method for repaying the money if they issue the loan to the person. You can ask the lender what types of income proof they accept. In most cases, lenders accept pay stubs, bank statements, W-2s, and tax returns as proof of income.


The other factor that lenders might require is stability. A lender might ask you how long you lived at your current address. If you have not lived there long, you might not be in a stable position to qualify for the signature loan.

If you think that you meet the criteria for a signature loan, you might want to apply if you need some extra cash to pay your bills.