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Finding Out About Financing

All You Need To Know About Local Pawn Shops

by Colleen Porter

Pawning your valuables is one of the most convenient ways of getting cash advances when you are in financial need. Yet, most people misunderstand pawn shops and how they operate, although they play an integral role in the financial sector. So, why should you choose a local pawn shop instead of getting other types of loans? This post provides critical insights into pawn shops. 

How Does a Pawn Shop Operate? 

The best way to think of a local pawn shop is the same way you perceive an institutional lender. Typically, a pawn shop lends you money to repay at a given interest. Notably, pawn shops provide a secured loan. Thus, when you pawn your valuable, you simply hand in asset collateral like you would with a bank lender. However, unlike a bank lender that requires you to hand over a title for the property, the pawn shop holds on to the actual asset. For instance, you may hand over valuable assets like electronics, home appliances, or jewelry in exchange for cash. Nevertheless, your local pawn shop will sell the property if you fail to repay. 

The amount of money provided by a pawn shop usually depends on the value of your collateral. Thus, expect the pawn shop owner to lend you only a fraction of the item's actual value. Therefore, the amount you borrow from a pawn shop may be limited compared to traditional institutional lenders. Essentially, pawn shop advances are a type of short-term loan. Most states dictate the loan repayment term, usually pegged at one month. Also, the loans require a lump-sum repayment rather than installments. 

Benefits of Pawnshop Cash Advances

Quick Cash 

The primary benefit of getting cash from a local pawn shop is easy access to financing. Essentially, you can get many pawn shops in your locality ready to provide cash advances. The lenders do not have long processes to offer the loans. Typically, they will only assess the functionality, value, and ownership of the collateral. Then, the pawn shop owner advances you instant cash with a repayment timeline. Thus, this form of financial borrowing is ideal for emergencies requiring small amounts. 

No Credit Check 

Do you worry about credit scores when seeking financing? There is no need for soft or hard credit score checks with pawn shops. Instead, the pawn shop owner is only interested in having collateral security for the cash advances. Hence, people with low or negative credit scores can still access loans. Better still, if you fail to repay the loan, the pawn shop owner will retain your asset rather than report you to the credit reference bureau. 

Lower Interest Rate 

Although pawn shops have higher interest rates than banks, they are much cheaper than non-conventional lenders. For instance, you are more likely to pay less interest than getting a title or payday loan. Also, the interest rates may be lower than getting a loan from a bank if you have a bad credit history. 

Go for a pawn shop loan if you need cash urgently without the hassles of application procedures and credit history. You may not borrow as much, but your local pawn shop will provide a cash advance that might be just what you need. 

For more information, contact a local pawn shop, like Wimpey's Pawn Shop.