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Finding Out About Financing

3 Benefits Of A VA Loans Financing Service Veterans Can Enjoy

by Colleen Porter

VA loans are an excellent alternative to enjoying the VA advantages for army veterans, serving military members, or surviving spouses of members who died while on active military duty. If you are looking into buying your dream home, there are many benefits associated with opting for a VA loan program. Please continue reading to learn more about some of them below. 

Zero Down Payments for VA Home Loans

In most cases, you don't require a down payment when taking VA mortgages. That's a significant advantage, especially for junior enlisted members with a lower rank. However, a down payment might be required in certain situations. For instance, poor credit or a low FICO score can negatively impact the willingness of a lender to offer a zero down payment on your loan. Therefore, keep in mind that the lender's credit standards might apply as well. Additionally, there are cases where you'll require money upfront. For instance, if the asking price is higher than the appraised value of the home, you might require to fit the bill for the difference in cash. 

Low Cost, No Private Mortgage Cover 

VA home loan programs forbid lender costs. Veteran financing homes through VA service have the flexibility to negotiate expenses with lenders. The VA home loan programs and lenders do not set interest rates, closing cost quantities, or any extra fees. Therefore, veterans are free to find out more on closing costs, lending terms, or rates offered by other financing services. VA establishes the limits on closing costs that are set by lenders. For example, the VA prohibits lenders from charging veterans on attorney's costs, brokerage fees, and inspection charges upon newer constructions supervised by the state department of housing and urban development. Such regulations are instituted to help in making ownership affordable amongst veterans. 

The Excellent Flexibility Offered by VA Loan Programs 

VA loan service is highly flexible. It grants veterans the ability to purchase property through different financing options. For example, the choice to buy conventional homes, condos, building new houses. Generally, veterans buying houses that need energy-efficient renovations might raise the value of loans if they want to save more on utility features by incorporating energy-efficient improvements. These might include HVAC systems, solar power, insulation, and weather-proofing systems per the VA Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) program. Such an add-on program is established alongside the VA purchase loan to include energy-efficient improvements, including solar panels. These are the three advantages the VA loan financing service offers veterans or their surviving spouses. There are many benefits associated with these programs you can research more about to stay in the know.

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