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Finding Out About Financing

How A Pawn Shop Loan Works

by Colleen Porter

When you run low on cash, where do you turn? Some people turn to banks for loans, while others ask their friends and relatives. Did you know, though, that you can also visit a pawn shop when you need some cash? Pawnshops not only sell things, but they also buy things and issue loans. If you need cash, you can sell something to the shop or pawn something for a loan. Here is what to expect if you decide to pawn something for cash.

You Will Need Something of Value

The first thing you must do is to find something you own that has value. You can ask the pawnshop for a list of items they accept if you are unsure what to bring. Most shops accept all types of electronics if they work and are current. For example, you can pawn cell phones, laptops, and TVs. The shop will probably test the item before they give you a loan, so make sure the item works.

You could also pawn musical instruments. Do you have a guitar around your house that you are not using? If so, you can pawn it. Pawnshops also accept all types of valuable jewelry, collections, and antiques.

Let the Pawn Shop Appraise It

When you drop in with your valuable item, the pawnshop will appraise it. The purpose of this is to determine the item's value. The shop will not provide you with 100% of the item's value when pawning or selling an item. They may only offer 25% or 50%. The amount they offer is typically their final offer, so you can accept it or reject it. You might want to think carefully about this decision before accepting it.

Accept the Loan

If you decide to accept the offer, they will fill out some paperwork. The paperwork states your name and the loan details. You will receive a copy of it, and you must bring the slip with you to redeem your item. Your paperwork will state when the loan is due and the amount you owe. If you want to retrieve the item, you must bring the slip and all the money you owe. If you cannot afford to repay it, you can stop in to pay a fee to extend the loan's due date.

Getting a pawn shop loan is quite simple. If you have questions about these loans, contact a local pawn shop business today.