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Finding Out About Financing

Tips for Choosing the Duration of Your Home Mortgage

by Colleen Porter

The average person that buys a home takes a 30-year mortgage on the purchase. Thirty years is a long time, yet it often takes this long to pay off a loan. If you want to buy a home but do not want to have 30 years of payments, you could choose a shorter duration. You can always pay your loan off faster. Here are several vital things to evaluate and know when choosing the term of your home mortgage.

There are Options

First, you might wonder about the options for loan lengths. While 30-year loans are typically the most common, you do not have to choose this length. Instead, you can choose a longer length. You can also choose a shorter length. Some of the other options include 15, 20, 25, and 40-year loans. When you visit your lender, you can ask about payment amounts for each option.

Payment Amount Depends on Length

Your payment will be the highest with a 15-year loan and the lowest with a 40-year loan. You can base your decision on payment amount, if you wish, but you might also want to factor in other things. The interest amount you pay might be lower with a shorter loan length. Many lenders offer lower rates on 15-year loans than other options. If you want the lowest rate available at the time, you might want to consider a 15-year loan.

You Can Always Pay off a Loan Faster

Some people like to play it safe when choosing a loan duration. As a result, they might choose a 30-year option, simply to have 30 years to pay it off. The good news is that you can pay off a loan early. Some loans have clauses that charge extra fees for paying a loan off early, so you must find a loan that does not have this clause. If your loan does not have this clause, you can pay your loan off early.

If you choose this option, you can play it safe by having thirty years to repay the loan. If you can, though, you can pay extra money towards the loan each month. If you pay extra money towards the principal balance, you will knock years off your duration. You might even cut the loan length in half.

When you decide to buy a house with a mortgage, take the time to evaluate your options before choosing a loan type and length. Some companies, like Choice Mortgage, know just how important this is when buying a home.