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Finding Out About Financing

How to Handle Long-Distance Bail Bond Situations

by Colleen Porter

Sometimes, that phone call from a jailed relative in another state is a scam but sometimes it really is your son or another relative calling for help. Once you know your loved one is in jail, the location of the jail in another state doesn't necessarily have to be a roadblock. To find how to execute a bail bond long distance, read below for more information.

Gather Information

To help your loved one get bailed out of jail you will need accurate information about where they are being held. It can be particularly confusing when trying to gather information from locations far away and unfamiliar to you. You can often phone the correctional facility itself for information about inmates but your loved one ought to know where they are being held at the very least. Phone the jail and verify the relative's name, the charges, and the full cost of the bail. If you cannot get this information, don't worry. Most bail bonding agencies are happy to perform that task for you. There are two ways to bail out your loved one from another state. Both are pretty easy but you can expect some additional steps other than what you might have to do if they were held locally.

Bail Them Out Over the Phone

Not all bail bonding agents will accept payments over the phone but since this is the simplest way to accomplish this task it never hurts to try. Once you know the exact location of your loved one, phone some bail bond agencies located near the jail and ask about doing business over the phone and by email or fax. If they agree, you'll provide a credit card number over the phone and documents for your signature will be emailed to you. You may have to sign the papers and fax them back to the bail bonding agency. The bonding agent will execute the bond and gain the release of your loved one.

Bail Them Out Using a Transfer Bond

Some don't want to provide their personal information over the phone and some bail bond agencies don't like doing business that way either. The other alternative is to use two different bonding companies that agree to work together. You would pay for the bail bond at a local bonding company and they would then transfer the bond to an agency near your loved one. You can expect to be charged more for transfer bonds since it involves more work for two different agencies, however.

To find out more about this and other bail bond questions, speak to a bonding agency or bail bondsman.