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When you start shopping for a car, you might be more concerned with additional features and specialty paint jobs than you are about the monthly bill. Unfortunately, the wrong financing can cost you dearly. Compound interest never sleeps, which means that you might be paying much more than you should if you work with the wrong lender. I want to help you to make great financial decisions, which is why I created this website. However, if you can remember a few tricks and keep those payments to a minimum, you can drive away with the car of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Finding Out About Financing

What To Do When You Need Emergency Car Repairs And Are Short On Cash

by Colleen Porter

Cars tend to break down at the worst possible times. Maybe you've just paid a few medical bills or another emergency expense popped up and you just don't have the money on hand to get the repairs taken care of. You need your car to get back and forth to work and can't afford to go weeks on end without a way to reach your employer. If this sounds like your current situation and you aren't sure what to do, here are a couple of tips which can help you get over the hump.

Take Out A Car Repair Loan

The very first course of action to take when you need your car fixed fast is to apply for a car repair loan from a company like American Cash Advance and Title Loan. A car repair loan can be an absolute lifesaver when you're in a situation that seems completely hopeless and you need your vehicle back on the road.

Taking out a car repair loan is beneficial for a number of reasons. You can apply for the total amount of the car repair bill and settle it up with the technician immediately. Once you do this, you'll be able to pay the loan back over a period of time. It's much better to go this route because you won't have to start paying the money back from the beginning. There is usually a lapse between when you get the funds and when the first payment becomes due.

Also, if you happen to find some extra money before the end of the loan term, you'll be able to pay the loan off completely. Look for a loan that has no pre-payment penalty, and you should be in the clear!

A Fixed Interest Rate Makes It Easy To Plan

When taking out your car repair loan you should also request a fixed interest rate. If you have a fixed interest rate, you'll be getting a set payment each month that won't change over the life of the loan. This makes it incredibly easy for you to fit the repayment amount in your regular budget because you won't have to worry about wild fluctuations in the payment you receive in the mail each month.

Getting a car repair loan is a quick way to get your car back running without unnecessary delays. Apply for your loan right now, and you could have the money in hand much faster than you think.