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Finding Out About Financing

Mistakenly Arrested? 3 Things To Do To Improve Your Situation

by Colleen Porter

Being mistakenly arrested for a crime you did not commit happens far more often than most people realize. A common reason for this is when a law enforcement official makes an arrest based on information that may have not been verified. An example of this might be when one spouse or partner decides to lie and accuse the other of a serious instance of abuse or mistreatment. 

While not an ideal situation, the responding law enforcement officer may have made the arrest believing it would diffuse a potentially risky domestic violence situation. Once your immediate situation has been resolved and you have been able to prove your innocence in court, you will be able to consider taking civil action against the law enforcement agency. Your immediate focus, however, must be to take the following three actions. 

1. Be calm and stop talking

The natural response to being arrested for a crime you did not commit is to attempt to reason with the law enforcement officers working your case. This can put you at risk of having your words used against you later, especially if there are any inconsistencies in what you say while experiencing the stress of the situation. Instead, simply remain silent and request an attorney.

2. Exercise your right to an attorney

The best way to avoid worsening your situation is to simply insist upon exercising your right to be represented by an attorney. This will ensure that you are protected legally and that someone is actively fighting for your rights while you are being held in jail. 

3. Arrange for bail

If you are informed that you will be held on the charge on which you were arrested, posting bond as quickly as possible should be your next goal. Getting released on bond will make it much easier for you to mount a strong defense against your accuser, as well as making it possible for you to maintain your employment situation and take care of your family responsibilities. 

In some cases, you may be able to arrange to be released on your own recognizance, commonly called an OR or signature bond. If this type of bond is not available, then having a friend or relative contact a bail bond agent on your behalf is a viable plan. 

When contacting a bail bond agent on your behalf, your friend or relative will need to know your full name, where you are being held, and the booking number you were given when booked into the facility. This information will allow the bail bondsman to determine the offense on which you are being charged and the bond terms. 

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