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Finding Out About Financing

How to Make Bail as Affordable as Possible

by Colleen Porter

One of the biggest shocks following an arrest is just how high bail can be set. As many people have found out, even relatively small offenses may require a lot of money to bail someone out of jail. Although the bail amount is usually refunded after the conclusion of the trial, the set amount is often out of reach for many people.

Staying in jail is not a favorable outcome for many people. Being in jail makes it harder to earn a living or prepare adequately for trial. One field that helps people get out of jail is bail bonds. If you qualify, they can make your bail a lot cheaper than it is.

Customized Payment Plans

When looking for a bail bondsman, find one that will offer you customized payment plans that are favorable to you. Although these payment plans will mean paying a slightly higher amount, they save you from the pain of having to make a single lump-sum payment. If you're able to pay the fee over several months instead, you'll have time to get your finances in order while also staying out of jail.

Find Agencies that Offer Discounts

There are some bail bond agencies that offer certain groups of people a discount on the fee they're required to pay. It is standard for many agencies to charge a fee of 10 percent of the bail amount. Some agencies offer a discount on this 10 percent for people who are:

  • Members of the U.S. Military

  • Union members

  • Members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

  • Homeowners

  • Someone with a private attorney

If you can find an agency that offers a discount that you qualify for, you should definitely take advantage of it.

Zero Percent Down

There are bail bond agents who can offer you the bond without you having to pay part of the fee first. However, these types of bonds are quite rare and are usually for people with a regular job who have good credit. It is typically meant for people who are bailing themselves out and can't access their bank accounts when they get in touch with the bail bond agent. If you have no one nearby to bail you out, this type of deal can be a lifesaver.

Stick to the Bail Terms

Skipping bail is not only illegal, but it can also incur a financial penalty that you're not ready to pay. Therefore, don't skip bail or do anything else that contradicts the set bail terms.