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Finding Out About Financing

A Look At The Rumors Associated With Bail Bond Services

by Colleen Porter

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, possibly doing something illegal, and you've been arrested. Knowing you have no money in your bank account to post bail, you know that calling a bail bonds service is your only option, but what about all those rumors you've heard? Is working with a bail bonds service a wise financial decision? Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and rumors out there about bail bonds, how bail bonds work, and bail bond service providers in general. To understand what is true and what is fiction, take a look at some of the most common bail bond rumors. 

Rumor: Bail bonds services target people who are poor. 

Truth: It is true that people who have plenty of money probably will not need the help of a bail bond service if they land in jail and need to get out. However, bail bonds services really do not target the poor per se; they would offer their services to pretty much anyone whether they had a lot of money or not. It's simply a service that the wealthy does not usually need. Therefore, it is usually people who have little money who need help. 

Rumor: Bail bonds services are not as beneficial as they seem. 

Truth: Bail bonds services are highly beneficial to many people. Being arrested and having to wait in jail for a court date can mean putting your life on hold until that date rolls around. Getting your bond paid by a bail bond service means you get out quickly and avoid potential problems because you've missed work, not been able to take care of family responsibilities, or otherwise been unavailable. Plus, getting out of jail quickly will get you out of a really uncomfortable situation that you may not want everyone to know about. 

Rumor: Bail bonds services are tricky and will try to get all the money from you they can. 

Truth: All bail bonds services are required to act according to state laws, right down to how much they are allowed to charge for their services. Yes, being in jail puts a person in a vulnerable position because they want to get out of jail as fast as possible, so they may agree to loan terms with a bond service they may not otherwise agree to under different circumstances. However, bail bonding services are not legally allowed to take advantage of that fact.