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Finding Out About Financing

How Does The Touch ID Work When It Comes To Mobile Banking?

by Colleen Porter

The vast majority of banks in the US offer mobile banking services to their customers. After downloading the mobile banking app for their respective banks, customers can perform banking operations from their smartphones or Tablets. Considering the amount of sensitive data that these apps hold, banks have made credible efforts to safeguard the security of their customers. Initially, most banks provided username and password as authentication tools for customers using mobile devices to access accounts. In a bid to enhance security and counter the emerging fraud threats, a significant number of banks have introduced Touch ID log in. So how does this new feature work? Below is a brief overview.

What is Touch ID?

Touch ID is a biometric authentication technology that translates biological data into coded mathematical digits. In mobile banking, Touch ID enables you to use your fingerprints to log in to your mobile banking app instead of using a password. You need to setup these fingerprints on your device so that they can be stored for future use.  When you need to log in to your bank account, the app will accept these stored fingerprints as the password to your account.

Setting up Touch ID

Currently, Touch ID capabilities are provided for users with apple devices that use iOS 8, such iPhone 5S and above or iPad mini 3 and above, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. If you are using any of these devices, you just need to log in to your mobile bank app using the current username and password. Navigate to the "Settings" section and then select "Security preferences".   You will see the toggle switch for "Touch ID" which you will turn on by tapping. Once the "Touch ID" toggle is on, it will display the description of the feature and disclaimer. Select "Continue" to enable you to set up the touch authentication. You will then fill in your username and password and the click "Authorize". The device will display a circle where you need to place your finger print. Once the fingerprints are verified, the device will go back to the "Security Preferences Menu", which will show that your "Touch ID" Toggle is "ON".

Logging into your account using Touch ID

After setting up the Touch ID on your device, you banking app will display a new login screen. This screen shows where you need to place your fingerprints to gain access to your account. All you need to do is place the exact same finger that you used in the initial setup on the icon and you will be granted permission to perform transactions on your mobile device. If you cannot use your fingers due to certain reasons, there is no need to worry. You just click "Cancel" when the app asks for the fingerprints and then enter your password.

Touch ID is an innovative technology that enhances the security of your mobile banking transactions. Although it is currently available on iOS 8 devices, more phone making companies are expected to incorporate this biometric capability into their products very soon. Contact a business, such as FCN Bank, for more information.