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Finding Out About Financing

3 Ways To Pay For Cosmetic Surgery

by Colleen Porter

In 2014 alone, 15.6 million cosmetic procedures were performed. How much a surgery costs is dependent on the procedure, the patient, and the doctor performing the procedure. Some procedures cost as little as a few hundred dollars while others total well into the thousands of dollars. Paying for these procedures can be a burden, especially for those who do not have a lot of cash available. Here are 3 ways to pay for cosmetic surgery.

Installment Loans

Installment loans are loans where a certain amount of money is borrowed then paid back in monthly segments with interest. Often these loans are used to pay for things like cars, homes, and even education. They are also great for financing plastic surgery. There are numerous companies that specifically lend money for cosmetic surgery. It's also possible to secure this type of loan from banks as well. The main downside is that interest is charged and can add up to a large amount of money for loans that are paid off over the course of multiple years. The main benefit to paying for plastic surgery this way is that it can make expensive procedures possible for those who can't afford to pay for the surgery in its entirety. 

Credit Cards

Another way to pay for cosmetic procedures is by using a credit card. While it may seem to be a bad idea to put large purchases on a credit card, there are a few potential advantages. Many credit cards offer 0 percent APR for a certain amount of time after the account is opened. This can mean no interest for up to a year or more. Using a credit card can be a great way to get an interest-free loan. Using a credit card to finance a cosmetic procedure also has other perks. If the card offers rewards, then the card holder can enjoy the points a large purchase will accumulate. 


Many patients incorrectly assume that their health insurance will not cover any part of their cosmetic surgery. In fact some procedures, such as nose jobs, breast reduction, and eyelid surgery, may be partially or completely covered by insurance. Any procedure that is done for health reasons as well as cosmetic reasons may be at least partially covered by an insurance company. Before getting surgery, patients should at least look into the possibility that their insurance will cover some of the cost.

Cosmetic surgery can really put a dent in a patient's wallet. However, there are plenty of options available for financing these procedures. Installment loans, credit cards, and even health insurance benefits can help with the financial burden of cosmetic procedures.