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Finding Out About Financing

4 Advantages Of Payday Loans

by Colleen Porter

When it comes to getting cash to you quickly when you're in dire need of it, there are few things that are as convenient as a payday loan. There is a lot to be said about payday loans, and almost all of it can be said to work to your advantage, so long as you know what you are doing. There are numerous places where you can take out a payday loan, so it is recommended that you go through an avenue that you know and trust. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of 4 advantages of taking out a payday loan.

Ease Of Application and Qualification

Applying for a payday loan is quite easy. The only things that are required of you during this process is a few minutes of your time to adequately fill out the application, proof of income, a blank check that will be cashed two weeks after the day you take out your loan, and a valid photo id. Qualifying for a loan is similarly easy. The only thing that is required is that you will have enough money to payback the loan and interest after two weeks and that you have never defaulted on a payday loan in the past. Defaulting on a payday loan does not automatically disallow you from receiving one again, but this might mean a higher interest rate or discussing the terms with the lender themselves.


The fact of the matter is, the reason why so many people are attracted to payday loans (and rightfully so), is that you will receive your cash very quickly. Mere minutes after applying for a payday loan, you will be handed over the cash amount that you wish to receive. There is no waiting around for an approval period or going through a convoluted screening process that requires you to speak with multiple people and having every aspect of your credit history examined. The day that you walk into your lender's office is the day that you will receive your cash, usually only minutes after walking into the lender's office!


One of the best things about payday loans is that there is a lot of regulation that has been levied upon them. You reap the benefits from this. This means that there are never hidden rates of interest on payday loans and you will never be fooled into not understanding the terms of the loan. A payday loan operates the same way every time, the interest rate levied upon the amount you are receiving will be clearly spelled out to you, and you will be expected to pay back the full amount plus interest two weeks from the day that you received your loan. It is as simple as that.


Not everyone needs to receive a loan during the times that a bank is open. Often times, a bank is open only an hour later than the hours of normal business times, which does not give many people a very big window in which to cash a check or apply for a loan (which would likely not be approved on the same day if you went through the avenue of a bank, regardless). Lenders that specialize in payday loans often times keep much later hours than that of a bank, and, as such, are much more convenient for most people, especially those who have work or school hours throughout the course of the day. Contact a lender, like EZ Money, for more information.