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Finding Out About Financing

3 Easy Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your Silver Coin Collection

by Colleen Porter

When you have a stash of solid silver coins, you can almost be willing to bet that you will always be able to get cash when you need it by trading in your collection. Silver coinage is a much less volatile investment than gold, but this does not mean that you will always get the same price for your coins. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that you get the most out of your silver coins when you decide to take them to a gold and silver buyer.

1. Keep an Eye on Daily Market Trends - Most silver buyers will give you fair market value for the silver coins that you bring in, but this value can change literally by the hour. If you are planning to sell your coins, keep track of value trends for a few weeks to find out at what point in the day silver value is usually at its highest. As odd as it may sound, if you have a lot of coins, selling them at the wrong time of day could easily mean you get much less for your collection.

2. Get to Know Local Buyers - Even though the majority of silver buyers will determine what they can pay you for your coins according to the current value, there are still buyers looking to buy silver in order to make a profit. When you plan to sell, it is crucial for you to get to know the different gold and silver buyers in your area and how they operate. You should be asking questions about their business practices and if they are just buying silver as an investment or to turn a profit. Doing so could lead you to the buyer who will be willing to give you the most for the coins you have.

3. Understand What You Have - Silver coins are in many different forms and each has its own different value. For example, you could have a silver coin that is worth as much in silver when it comes to weight as any other coin, but is more valuable due to its scarcity. Before you go sell every silver piece you have at a flat rate for its weight, take a little time to investigate any coins you have in your collection that could be worth more than just their weight. 

Choosing to trade your silver coin collection in for cash can be an intimidating process. But if you work with a trustworthy silver buyer, you can always feel comfortable asking questions and getting advice. If you would like more tips about selling your silver, be sure to gain insight by talking to gold and silver buyers in your area.